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Australian rest stops, I love you. (at Pottsville Creek)

Australian rest stops, I love you. (at Pottsville Creek)

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Don’t stop believing. (at The Big Banana)

Don’t stop believing. (at The Big Banana)

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All the number love meme answers are up now, so if you sent me a number, check the posts to see how I looooooove you! If you sent a number and there is no post, then tumblr ate the message :(. So try again because I totally want to write nice things about you.

It might be a wee while though because I’m taking a little break from this account. I’ll still be posting things to my ‘original stuff’ tumblr, but it’s a different login.

Stay safe out there.

Are you using regular tumblr search or xkit’s classic search extension (directs to /tagged/[tag])? I’ve literally never seen a Walking Dead post under ‘the walk game’ using the extension.

Oh, this is helpful. Thank you! I’ll give that a try.

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You are pretty darn cute. I think I started following you because I followed your sister first, and I was kind of this intrigued bystander watching your conversations fly back and forth. It reminded me of my close relationship with my sisters (except that none of them are tumblr and twitter nerds like I am) and was just endearing to observe. So I guess you could say I am in your fandom — the fandom of cute sisters interacting together online. It sounded less creepy in my head.

I love that you are honest in your personal posts, but you also come across as a positive and hopeful person. You have great taste in books — great taste — and I love reading your school updates because it’s fun to follow along the journey. Basically, keep being the excellent person that you are.


I can’t even remember how we met online originally (I’m thinking LJ?) but I love that we now connect through various online portals — and once you even sent me some gorgeous mail across the seas. I think of you every time I use that purple pen!! You’re such a cheery person to know and your words always make me smile. Not to mention I get shocked every time I remember that you are a mom of an actual teenager. You seriously look far too young to have a teen daughter. I’m super impressed!


Ughhhhhh, your drawings slay me, in the best possible way.

I don’t think I would’ve normally bumped into you but for fandom (oh how I love this little fandom for introducing me to cool people) and I just love it whenever I see you’ve posted something new, especially art. I’m a sucker for art with feeeeelings, and yours brings all the feelings. Your style is very cool, but I love that you explore other styles, too. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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So you are just one of the reasons I love the internet. To think that you went to school with my little bro, and that I spent plenty of afternoons hanging out with my sister and your sister Sarah (did you know I still have my diary page from 1989 or something when we started a “band” and called it S.A.D. after the initials from our names? Yeah.) and yet I didn’t even really connect with you until years and years later through livejournal. And now you are like a super cool person with whom I interact on an almost daily level — and my life is so much the better for it.

Here is a list of things that are awesome about you:

  • your face
  • your amazing taste in books
  • your exquisite personal style
  • your kindness
  • your generosity
  • your face
  • your gift-giving perfection
  • your creativity
  • your femininity
  • your sense of humour
  • your appreciation of Leslie Knope
  • your amazing bedroom decor
  • your face
  • your cute cute nephew
  • your words
  • your handwriting

When I think of you, I think of pastels and ivory lace and soft denim and old postcards and beloved books. You are a great person and I’m so glad I get to hang out with you online (and once in person when we bought Happy Way teas and Hello Kitty products!).

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Has anyone come up with a new tag for The Walk? Every time I check the tags, it’s full of The Walking Dead and I can’t find anything about my beloved little app.

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How do I even start with you?!  Like, you are one of my best friends in the whole entire world.  You are the big sister I always wanted.

When you wrote the numbers meme about me, I have to 100% agree that my cheeks always hurt from smiling so much when I hang out with you.  My throat is always dry and scratchy because I talk so much when I am with you.  I always identify as “the listener” in social situations, so I find it pleasantly strange that I talk so much when we get to hang out together.

YOU MADE ME A CAKE FOR MY BIRTHDAY!  I would love you anyway just for making me food on my birthday but bonus points because it was chocolate and it tasted SO good!  Even if you had made me a terrible cake, I would still love you but it was SOOOOOOOOO good!!  And you got me so many presents, I am impressed with myself for not flat out crying!  I am legit looking at my Ira Glass present you made me (ok and maybe now everyone knows who you are now but I don’t care!) and I want to start crying!  You are so amazing and I know you don’t think you are BUT YOU TRULY ARE.  And I know about stuff like that so you had better believe me.

I love having you as a friend because you are so supportive and caring.  I never have to pretend or put on a mask when I am with you.  I count down the days until we can hang out together.  Your friendship makes me so happy and every time we have a hang out session, it absolutely fills me up with love and joy and I feel like I am a better person just for having you in my life.

I could gush on and on about you and I am sorely tempted to, but it might make my blog boring for other people.  I am so honoured that you count me as a friend.  I look up to you, you are one of the wisest people I know.  You are such an amazing writer and I have been moved to tears over some of the things you write, often because I can relate to the feels so hard.

I love our friendship because I’ll be like “hey, there’s this weird thing that I like that not many people love” and you’ll be like “I LOVE THAT TOOOOO!!” aka Hornblower.  And I love that we are both slightly too old for tumblr but we don’t caaarreee!!!!!  And we introduce each other to stuff that we would both love.  And our mums banned us from watching TV when we were younger so we are both unable to partake in the cultural practice of discussing the TV shows we watched as kids. 

Basically, in case you hadn’t worked it out I love you a lot and I am so grateful for the internet for putting us in each other’s lives and geography for making it happen that we can hang out for realz.

Is it okay that I am crying and laughing right now because I am totally crying and laughing right now. MY HEART MIGHT BUST RIGHT OPEN.